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{ Monthly Archives } February 2009

RIP Paul Harvey: http://tinyur…

RIP Paul Harvey:


Doing More with Less

Tight economy, everyone struggling, no budget, more work, etc etc. Here are six tips for doing more with less in information security. This list really should be called “six things you should have been doing all along that tough economic times remind you about,” but that’s not a very catchy title. This list makes me […]

An interview I did on PCI: htt…

An interview I did on PCI:


Check this out: http://tinyurl…

Check this out:


Is it possible to not take som…

Is it possible to not take something for granted when you have it all the time?


Stupid Skype. It automatically…

Stupid Skype. It automatically installs a Firefox plugin that obscures phone numbers in web pages so you can’t read them.



Just watched the first episode of Dollhouse on Hulu. It’s a good show, as far as these things go. I’m convinced that it’s a combination of The Pretender and Alias. When it come down to it, you can pretty much create a new show out of combining older shows. Life on Mars seems like a […]

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