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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Will Code for Food

Here’s a slideshow of the worst US cities for IT workers. Here’s the list of them: 1. Detroit, MI 2. Bentonville, AK 3. Cleveland, OH 4. Syracuse, NY 5. Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA 6. Any town in Alaska 7. Orlando, FL You can compare that to the 10 cities with the best IT […]


There are a lot of businesses that make it hard for their customers to actually buy something. They organize their stores in confusing ways, open and close at odd hours or on odd days, and institute policies that *seem* good for the company or shop, but really only serve to make it harder for customers […]

Finally Help That’s Helpful

I have a strong dislike for automated help systems that fail almost completely to actually help you. So I was really pleased to find that Whirlpool is actually quite helpful with my refrigerator. I heard a dripping sound from the fridge, checked out and found that it was indeed dripping and filling a pan underneath. […]

Web App Vuln Stats

Some stats about Web Application vulnerabilities from White Hat Security. Around 30 percent of Websites are likely to contain content spoofing bugs 18 percent, insufficient authorization 17 percent, SQL injection 14 percent, predictable resource location 11 percent, session fixation 11 percent, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) 10 percent, insufficient authentication 9 percent, HTTP response-splitting flaws To […]

The Segway Problem

The Segway was a revolutionary feat of engineering. It’s called “dynamic stabilization” and allows the Segway to run on two wheels without falling over or causing the rider to tumble off. When it came out, people were interested. The problem with Segway is that the thing that makes it unique, the feature that’s hard to […]

Questions to Ask Yourself

Ok, it’s really only one question: Why am I here? The link is to a short blog post that’s worth reading if your day generally involves attending meetings.