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Personal Marketing Checklist

Seth Godin lays out some principles for media moguls here. They’re interesting, and interesting to read, but hard to apply at the moment of media interaction, i.e. just before clicking ‘publish’ or ‘post.’ I thought I’d attempt to translate them to a sort of personal marketing checklist.

  1. Is this the truth?
  2. Is this content or noise?
  3. Who will this post help?
  4. Who will this post hurt?
  5. Is this original or an echo?
  6. Am I trolling?
  7. Who is the audience?
  8. Does this post generate interaction or engagement?
  9. Will this post be interesting in 12 months?

If I mentally run through this checklist with every tweet, blog or post, will it change my output? Are there items missing from the checklist?

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