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{ Monthly Archives } August 2013

The Cloud is Local

  Facebook has a cloud problem. Or maybe the cloud has a Facebook problem. The issue is that the ubiquity of a cloud-based service conflicts with the locality of law. This picture is of the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Johannes Caspar, and he’s astonished about the most recent changes in the Facebook […]

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The Malware Problem

  I like the term ‘malware.’ If you step out of the marketing for a minute, it’s a very simple, clear term to describe software that does something bad in your execution environment. A virus is a kind of malware, and so are rootkits, malicious shell code, and just about anything else you don’t like […]

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The Interconnected Web and Shifting Target Surfaces

Take a look at what’s in your browser right now. I’ll go ahead and assume you’ve got multiple tabs open. They each display a different site, which is probably pulling in code and content from at least 3 or 4 distinct  sources, maybe more, not to mention the 3rd party libraries and tools that are […]

Is PRISM Ultimately Good for Privacy?

It seems like common sense to think of privacy and transparency as opposing forces. One seeks to expose, while the other seeks to hide. The reality, however, is a little more complex. There are two revelations in the history of cryptography that shed light on the value of transparency to privacy. Public-Key Cryptography is the real […]

Time Frames and Risk Perception

I found myself reading the results of a survey today that had questions about risk perception, or more specifically, about how likely you perceive the realization of a particular threat to be in a particular time frame. The question made me wonder how much the specified time frame affects your perception of  the risk. Take […]

A Collection of Headlines for Alexander’s Black Hat Talk

I thought the myriad variety of headlines streaming through my news feeds was kind of interesting as a collection. It would be interesting to rate each as positive/negative towards the program and map them to new source, and maybe number of days after the event that it was published. NSA director addresses Black Hat, says […]