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BYOD: Bring Your Old Dilemmas

617px-PalmPilot ProfessionalYay for lists! Here’s a list of four security issues around BYOD besides malware that you should worry about. Let me summarize:

1. Lost and Stolen Phones

2. Insecure Communications

3. Leaving the Walled Garden (uh, this is malware)

4. Vulnerable Development Frameworks

Ignoring the fact for the moment that issue number 3 (jailbroken phones using alternative app stores are more likely to get malware) is really about malware, I think this list is really a useful reminder that the most interesting risks are not usually the most important. I like interesting problems too, but data loss from theft and, well, loss is far more common than malicious electronic compromise. Impact and cost might be a different discussion, though.

It’s also worth noting that the remainder of the issues aren’t about the phone at all. Insecure communications and vulnerable development frameworks are issues for all information security disciplines. So the lesson here, perhaps, is that BYOD brings along all the same issues you already have, except in greater quantity and on endpoints you don’t control.

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