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Tweetsplanation: The NSA and Crypto

The Tweet:

tweet nsa

The Explanation:

If one starts with the assumption that the NSA wants to actually compromise encryption mechanisms in some technical way, as opposed to legally compromising them, then the secrecy of those mechanisms is key. It’s not *the* key however. As long as there are cryptographically inclined persons who also subscribe to open source as a viable model for building software, new, open cryptography tools will continue to emerge. The NSA is hard pressed to technically compromise an open source tool. So, the NSA, in order to accomplish this assumed goal, would be best served by severing the connections between people with cryptography skills and people with open source philosophies. That amounts to compromising the community. They could do that by intentionally hiring all those people, or by working to shrink the community of shared interests. I can imagine all kinds of nefarious ways this could be accomplished, but I’m no conspiracy theorist.

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