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Tweetsplanation: Paw Prints and the iPhone 5s

Look, a cat’s paw print can unlock an iPhone 5s.

The Tweet:

tweet iphone

Seems silly, right? But there are some practical considerations of why this might be important. First, the technology to identify an individual animal via a paw print could be useful in animal control, in wildlife management. What if you could place these senors around a large land area (Yellowstone?) and use them to track individual animal movements? What about animal access control? Why not manage a cat or dog door based on unique paw prints?

What about the inevitable fingerprint database that will be created by the iPhone 5s (or the technology used in some other way? Here’s a means of polluting it with animal prints.

What about the thieves cutting off your finger when they steal your iPhone. If you could use a rabbit’s food as a token, you could thwart their access. I mean, they’d still cut off your finger, but at least you can imagine how annoyed they’ll be when it doesn’t work.

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