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{ Monthly Archives } October 2013

Crowdsourced, Commercialized Surveillance

The Tile is an object you can put on things in order to find them using your phone. This is useful. But if your phone isn’t close enough to the object, what then? Well, you mark that item as lost and then everyone’s phone (with the app) will look for your missing item too. Think […]

The Age of Self-Surveillance

  If you see something, say something. Most of us are familiar with that little message, but I think we got it backwards. It’s focused on being the observer, not the observed; so inefficient. After all, we are all observing ourselves all the time. What if, instead, we went with “if you think something, share […]

The Other Effect of The Shutdown on Information Security

Last week I spent a little time talking to folks about the effect the shutdown has on information security. Here are the links: DefenseOne, CNN, Tripwire. There are lots of examples of how a lack of personnel may affect the ability of government agencies to respond, and how it may be a good time to […]

The term “Zero Day”

The varied use of this term has been bugging me lately. Zero Day Vulnerability A vulnerability that has not been published, either by the vendor or some other reasonably public entity (MITRE/NIST/OSVDB/ETC). The key here is that the vendor in question has has zero days to actually do anything about delivering a patch or mitigation. […]

What Are You Investing In?

At this very moment you are doing something. It could be that you’re heads down on an important project, or it could be that you’re watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Regardless, you are doing something. Everything we do is an investment, even the seemingly meaningless entertainment we may seek out at the end of […]