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What Are You Investing In?

At this very moment you are doing something. It could be that you’re heads down on an important project, or it could be that you’re watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Regardless, you are doing something. piggy

Everything we do is an investment, even the seemingly meaningless entertainment we may seek out at the end of a long day. Sleep is an investment in the next day, via our ability to think and perform. The work we do to further a specific project, please a specific customer or close a deal are all investments with clear, short-term purpose. Taking a break from work is an investment in our mental health, and in turn in our ability to return to that work.

When we learn new skills we invest in longer term benefits, sometimes without fully understanding what they are. Being conscious about what you are investing in at a given moment, whether it be short or long term, gives you power to mold the outcome. So what are you investing in right now?

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