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What Are You Investing In?

At this very moment you are doing something. It could be that you’re heads down on an important project, or it could be that you’re watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Regardless, you are doing something. Everything we do is an investment, even the seemingly meaningless entertainment we may seek out at the end of […]

Tweetsplanation: Paw Prints and the iPhone 5s

Look, a cat’s paw print can unlock an iPhone 5s. The Tweet: Seems silly, right? But there are some practical considerations of why this might be important. First, the technology to identify an individual animal via a paw print could be useful in animal control, in wildlife management. What if you could place these senors […]

Start Ups

I was just looking at the website of a local startup and they list the top 8 reasons to work there (8?). 1. Competitive pay and benefits 2. Relaxed creative environment 3. On-site massages 4. Fantastic free coffee 5. Pool & ping-pong 6. Everyone works on a Mac 7. Thursday is Donut Day 8. Free […]

Boredom Not Allowed

“Whales have a sensory organ unlike anything we’ve ever seen” It’s pretty amazing that we keep discovering new things to learn about right here on this Earth.  

Helpful Chart

Finally Help That’s Helpful

I have a strong dislike for automated help systems that fail almost completely to actually help you. So I was really pleased to find that Whirlpool is actually quite helpful with my refrigerator. I heard a dripping sound from the fridge, checked out and found that it was indeed dripping and filling a pan underneath. […]

Dilbert: Wrong, but Funny

Well, I can’t say I agree entirely with this strip. The common sense and experience of one developer isn’t equivalent to a solid risk management system, but it’s still funny. The reality is that you can’t get an objective, comprehensive view from the biased perspectives of individuals. Knowing that you yourself are a biased individual […]

Dilbert on Agile Development