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Time Frames and Risk Perception

I found myself reading the results of a survey today that had questions about risk perception, or more specifically, about how likely you perceive the realization of a particular threat to be in a particular time frame. The question made me wonder how much the specified time frame affects your perception of  the risk. Take […]

A Collection of Headlines for Alexander’s Black Hat Talk

I thought the myriad variety of headlines streaming through my news feeds was kind of interesting as a collection. It would be interesting to rate each as positive/negative towards the program and map them to new source, and maybe number of days after the event that it was published. NSA director addresses Black Hat, says […]

Hanlon’s Razor and Government Spying

Hanlon’s Razor says “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” There’s a lot of content out in the world on the NSA, government spying and Snowden. *A lot* of content. There was a sentence in this blog post that stood out to me, primarily because someone tweeted it. “[I]f we ever […]

Meeting Rules

The idea of rules about how to have meetings isn’t new. Here’s a somewhat novel list from a company called Urban Airship: 0. Do we really need to meet? 1. Schedule a start, not an end to your meeting – its over when its over, even if that’s just 5 minutes. 2. Be on time! […]

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

I considered titling this post “Why I Work Half as Hard as You” or “Why I’m More Productive Than You,” but both make certain assumptions about the ‘you’ that are quite likely incorrect. I was reflecting this morning about why some people seem to be more productive than others. While there are lots of possible […]

Design Failure

This is from the Old Faithful Education Center in Yellowstone.   Now, a soap dispenser is a pretty simple device and shouldn’t really require instructions. These, however, do. They were integrated into the sink, but it was done in such a way that they’re nearly impossible to see (if you’re taller than 4′). So, aesthetically […]

An Existential Theory of Interpersonal Communication

If you are trying to convey some meaning to another person, you are responsible for ensuring that you’ve communicated effectively. A failure by another to understand, is really your failure to communicate. Of course, if you’re the person attempting to understand, the reverse is true; it’s your responsibility to ensure you’ve understood correctly. In other […]

Decision Making is a Skill

When we think of skills, we often think about clearly defined, easily measureable capabilities. There are, of course, soft skills, people skills, etc. I’ve been thinking lately about the skill of decision making. A Product Manager’s job can be roughly divided into general tasks: Talking Listening Writing Deciding It’s not hard to evaluate the first […]

I Should Read This Book

Scalzi is a good author and Star Trek is a good topic. The combination sounds worthwhile.

Hackers and Auditors Webcast – May 22nd

I’m currently working on this presentation. I’ll be talking about compliance and risk management on May 22nd.