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Klout thinks I’m influential about these 7 topics. Pancake.

Debate Techniques for the News

One could easily make a bingo game out of these debate techniques and use it with any of the major ‘news’ networks. I can’t help but think that if you have more than a few of these present, it’s not really news anymore. Of course, the ‘proof by anecdote’ is everywhere in news and politics.

Hard Decisions are Hard

I wonder what the list of things Bill Gates decided not to do looks like.

Do Not Read This Book

This book ruined my ability to enjoy watching soccer. Ok, that’s not literally true. I still enjoy watching soccer as much as I did before, but it definitely ruined any chance of me following soccer as a sport. It turns out, shockingly, that the overall outcomes are largely predictable, at least to a level of […]

Tripwire Tripped

First this: “Tripwire board of directors chairman William Lattin said the acquisition marks an exciting opportunity for Tripwire and is great news for Oregon business as it keeps the talent and expertise in Portland.” Then this: “Tripwire laid off about 50 employees Tuesday — nearly 15 percent of its total work force.” I suppose he […]

Reasonable Search and the Cloud

Looks like some progress on constitutional protections for information assets in the cloud. I can’t help wondering if this type of legislation is really effective, or if the loopholes in place for terror investigations make it a moot point. This bit was also interesting: “Under current law, law enforcement does not need to acquire a […]

The Laws of Simplicity Law 1: Reduce Law 2: Organize Law 3: Learn Law 4: Time Law 5: Differences Law 6: Context Law 7: Emotion Law 8: Trust Law 9: Failure Law 10: The One

Video Interview: EnergySec

I spoke at a conference in Denver last week called EnergySec. We did a little 3 minute interview on it for the nCircle site.


Thank you Squeaky Clean Laundry for your Wifi and Backroads Coffee for your coffee.

Sloppy Sysadmin

I just booked a room for an event at a Starwood hotel (Westin, W, Sheraton). I wanted to start the process over, so I just cut the URL back to the TLD and I got this page. Um…okay.